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  • Who are we? The founders and leaders of PROMOTE all come from a Special Operations background and are involved in strengthening our national security leaders out of deep respect for their community.
  • Why was PROMOTE created? We recognized anecdotally that women were leaving Special Operations in higher numbers than their male peers. This was alarming given that our units rely on recruiting and retaining top talent to create the most effective fighting force in the world. In this profession, we can’t afford to lose top talent due to biases and stereotypes.  Since we pride ourselves on being a meritocracy driven by performance, we conducted robust academic research and examined corporate sector best practices to better understand organizational attrition and culture. Effective mentorship and sponsorship were at the center of our research. So we started by creating a program to connect senior leaders in Special Operations with junior women service members. However, it quickly became evident that more work had to be done to address the root cause of women leaving Special Operations.  Our participants asked us to help them better understand the impact of bias on their actions and how it affected their teams/organizations more broadly. Over the last 18 months, we have grown our capabilities to provide tailored training on topics such as mitigating bias, mentorship/sponsorship, work/life integration, and creating an inclusive culture.
  • How do I request training from PROMOTE?  Email with a request specifying your unit’s challenges and preferences for location/date/time for the workshop.  We’ll reach out to our network and determine if we can support your request.  The more lead time you provide us, the more likely we can meet your request.  
  • Why does PROMOTE’s focus on inclusive leadership with a specific focus on women? The founders and leaders of PROMOTE recognize that women are a vital part of our military’s future. Unfortunately, women make up a very small portion of the Special Operations enterprise (under 7%) and often lament the shortage of mentorship and professional development opportunities. Primarily, we conduct inclusion, bias, and change management training at the request of national security organizations. One of our other goals is to provide education and resources on mentorship, sponsorship, and peer networks so our participants have the tools they need to achieve their career and personal goals. Furthermore, as a larger number of women in Special Operations achieve their personal and professional goals, their success stories and career paths will assist in attracting future generations of female leaders.

Academia/Education supporters

  • As an educator, how can I support PROMOTE? PROMOTE’s professional leadership education program involves sharing research and best practices with emerging leaders in national security. As educators and thought leaders, this is your opportunity to interact with and educate a greater number of future military leaders to solve complex world problems. A partnership with PROMOTE can be two-fold: executive leader development education and logistical support. Your expertise in fields such as leadership, mentorship, effective communication, conflict management, negotiations, and executive presence will help strengthen and empower our national security leaders. Logistical support, such as hosting an event, helps PROMOTE provide education and mentorship support at a low cost to our members.
  • I would like to support PROMOTE’s educational endeavors but I am not local to any PROMOTE event locations. You’re in luck! Since the internet is here to stay, we offer online content and webinars to our members. And they’re grateful since they tend to spend a lot of time deployed! So if you have a computer with a camera or a videographer contact, we look forward to you joining our team. If you don’t have either of those but still want to support educational endeavors, please let us know and we will find a solution.
  • Do educators or speakers get paid or travel costs reimbursed if attending an event? PROMOTE is a nascent non-profit. As much as our educators and speakers deserve to be paid for their time and expertise, we rely on their generosity and spirit of service to support our events. If an educator cannot attend an event due to travel costs, he or she should contact PROMOTE. We will work through our network of individual supporters and donors to make the travel possible.

Corporate and Civilian sector supporters

  • Are in-kind donations accepted in lieu of monetary donations? Absolutely! If you’d like to donate food, coffee, event space, training materials, or your time to PROMOTE, we’ll gladly accept your generosity.
  • Can I speak to a group of PROMOTE participants about my inclusive leadership/mentorship experiences? We like saying “ABSOLUTELY!” PROMOTE will hold events nationwide so if you’re interested in sharing your leadership experiences, please email

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