PROMOTE was born in the mountains of Afghanistan during a deployment with U.S. and NATO special operations forces. The U.S. Special Operations community, consisting of our nation’s most elite and well-trained service members, is widely viewed by the broader military (and many Americans) to be the pinnacle of leadership. Perhaps more than any other part of the military, the Special Operations community requires cognitive diversity to excel in an uncertain and insecure world.

As two of a small number of women serving at the Special Operations Joint Task Force, we noticed a concerning trend - some of the highest performing women were choosing to leave the military after very short careers. We began our journey in 2016 to create a more cognitively diverse and inclusive Special Operations community by advocating for and supporting equitable mentorship and development opportunities to retain talented women.  In 2017, PROMOTE launched its original mentorship program connecting junior women with senior male leaders to bridge a common gender divide in the workplace. Based on requests from our participants, PROMOTE began consulting in 2018 for Special Operations units and national security organizations to identify and develop strategies to break down the numerous barriers women and other underrepresented groups experience. While creating our innovative training and leader development programs, we’ve recognized that these barriers are universal across government, academia, and business. Due to our success working with national security teams, we are now committed to optimizing organizational cultures across all sectors to leverage the talent, experiences, and knowledge of underrepresented groups.

Our strategies:

Develop innovative leaders and organizations

1.) solve organizational challenges through multi-phase projects (i.e. focus groups, detailed analysis, human-centered design workshops, etc.) to ensure you've got the best talent to achieve your mission

2.) share leadership best practices through online and  live training (i.e. keynotes and day-long, tailored workshops)

3.) influence the next generation through education and training pipelines

Change the narrative

1.) Ensure media/entertainment accurately portray women/underrepresented groups in national security

2.) Encourage a national dialogue by amplifying perspectives and experiences that remain largely untold

Build Alliances

1.) Formal partnerships with academics, institutions, businesses, and nonprofits

2.) Informal agreements with influencers and thought leaders across all sectors

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